Reasons to use our pediatric urine collection bag. Temapar and Temasar

  1. TEMAPAR AND TEMASAR are quality and safe products
  2. The exclusive inner valve prevents contamination of the specimen
  3. Temaer brings more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry
  4. Optimal Design , that can be use in both boys and girls , made to fit perfectly over baby's genital area.

1. Quality and safe product

Sala blanca para proceso de fabricación

Unlike other companies , Temaer's Urine collection bags are manufactured at our own facilities, all our equipments and facilities are in accordance to medical device directive, in this way we can check and ensure standars are met , production processes including product finishing and packaging is done in a clean room environment , controlling pressured , temperature and humidity and care to prevent product contamination , processes are strictly controlled and are continously tested all Temaer's staff check all stages of the production process for faults.

2. Temaer Non-return Valve

Temapar and Temasar are the only in the market with non-return valve , product performance is based on static electricity charge from plastic, when urine specimen passes through the valve then the non-return valve is fully closed

Temaer Non-return Valve provides an add-value to the urine specimen sampling technique:

  • Minimizing the risk of contaminated specimen, and pediatric urinary tract infection due to non-return valve preventing contact of urine with patient's skin.
  • Specimen remains isolated in a self-contained area to preserve the quality of the urine specimen.

Video about how to reduce risk of contamination urine sample in infants

Video about our Pediatric urine collection bag

3. More than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry

Proceso de fabricación bolsa pediátrica

With over more than 25 years in the market , founded in 1985 , from the outset Temaer has focused on developing innovative products and has been introducing manufacturing process improvements.

4. Designed for both female and male patients:

The adhesive wings adapt perfectly to female's/male's anatomy


  • Simplify storage and logistic processes

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