Pediatric urine collection bag

Reasons to use our pediatric urine collection bag

  • Pediatric collection bag urine check valve "TEMAPAR"
  • Pediatric collection bag urine check valve "TEMASAR"
Pediatric urine collection bag


Composition: the raw material used in the manufacture of this micturition device is PE 063/A antiseptic Alcudia-type polyethylene.
Its special components enable the reduction of the static electricity that could be generated at the time of storage.
This bag is very usefull for collecting urine specimens; its anatomic shape allows its adhesive wings to adapt to both girls and boys.

Urine collection bag for newborn

It is equipped with a double bag and double weld that prevent urine regression by means of a valve, which also prevents urine contamination, averting skin irritation.

Biocompatibility analyses have shown the adhesive to be harmless, even when used over extended periods; no irritation or allergic reaction of any sort is brought on by its use.

Other types of laboratory testing have proved the effectiveness of the adhesive wings, which facilitate a complete, hermetic closure.


Shipping box: 8 dispenser boxes of 200 pcs.


  • TEMAPAR: 150cc aprox.
  • TEMASAR: 75cc aprox.


Pediatric urine collection bag

The urine bag is a compartiment totally sealed excepting the zone where the urine comes in. This part is equipped with an adhesive with the purpose to fix perfectly the bag to the skin’s patient to avoid liquid’s leaks. With this aim an inner anti-regression valve has been designed , when the specimen is in the lower side is not possible to return in the opposite side avoiding specimen’s leaks and contacts between the urine and patient’s skins, this prevents skin’s irritations . Sealed edges are non-atraumatics and his round desing avoid any injure in patien’s skin.

Special wings designed to allow to fit the urine bag such as boys or girls.

Health Claims

The urine bag is a product intended for the collection of urine placed directly on the patient using an hipoallergenic adhesive. Is mainly used to collect a urine sample in newborns,since it is impossible to obtain from the voluntary urination. It is also used when there are circumstances of their conditions of each patient which is not possible to obtain the sample by other methods well known.

Instruction for use


Befote fixing the adhesive, dry carefully the contact zone.

Instruction for use:

  1. Take out the bag from its individual packaging and unfold it.
  2. Make a rubbing movement over the valve to make easy its opening.
  3. Take off the protective paper of the adhesión wings and sitck the bag on the boy/girl, palcing the adhesive extended over the contact zone in Duch a way that the hole is situated in the micturition zone.


  • Unisex bag
  • 3M adhesive clinically tested.

Latex free

medical single use device.

Reasons to use our pediatric urine collection bag

Video about how to reduce risk of contamination urine sample in infants

Video about our Pediatric urine collection bag

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